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We Are Academy of Risk

The Academy of Risk is a Level 1 BBBEE Entity and a 100% BWO. We are a Risk consultancy service & education centre, focused on developing ethical business practises and training of all Risk related fields.

Business Consultations

We can Audit your business for Risk. Mitigating Risk in your business is our core ambition.


Training Your Staff

By training your staff, you mitigate your risk even further. Giving them the ability to do business in a more efficient and effective manner.

Internationally Certified ISO Courses


Mitigate Risk Today

Risk being in every avenue of your business, means that you need to know where it is and understand each and every potential risk that may occur.We will assist you in identifying the potential areas of risk, through effective risk assessments, by creating detailed reports and by providing solid solutions. Allowing your mind to be at ease and preparing you for any possible risk related challenge

Business Consultations

Risk is defined as the probability of an undesirable and unexpected event occurring and the impact it will have on the success of your business, should the risk materialise. Risk Management is as much about identifying opportunities, as it is about avoiding or moderating losses. As business risk consultants, we can assist you in identifying your risk exposures and determine your risk readiness, by implementing frameworks and programmes that will mitigate and minimise your risks. This will include all your risk types, i.e. Operational risks, Fraud risks, Compliance risks, Ethics and Governance risk, as well as your Strategic risks, as these are the areas we specialise in.

Risk Training

By training your staff, you mitigate your risk even further. Giving them the ability to conduct business in a more efficient and effective manner, by improving your procedures, processes and controls.

Securing your business from Risk.

Fraud Risk Management

Prevent Fraud Risk

Assisting you to address fraud before, during and after it has occurred, by effectively introducing fraud risk management programmes that incorporate policies and procedures that will assist you.

Operational Risk

Strengthening Operational Requirements

Effectively managing the risk of direct and indirect losses resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes or systems, human factors or from external events is a very daunting challenge for organisations. Whilst an organisation may have a well documented operational risk framework, the implementation thereof by management, poses an enormous challenge in terms of their management account-abilities and responsibilities of effectively managing their risks, in terms of risk identification, assessing, controlling, reporting and managing the challenges of the risk lifecycle.

Compliance Risk

Compliance in Vital Business Matters

Legislation requires that the compliance function is created and structured in accordance with legislative requirements and we can assist you with getting your company fully compliant.

Governance and Ethics Risk

Become Ethically Sound

Supporting you to understand that Ethics risk management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of resources and operations which ensures that the organisations’ ethics management initiatives facilitate the achievements of the organisations’ objectives.

Enterprise Risk Management

Managing & Reducing Risks

Enterprise Risk Management is a process designed to identify potential events that may affect your organization. We will train you on how to manage the Risk within an acceptable level and being able to provide reasonable assurances regarding the achievement of organizational objectives. How to implement an effective framework that fosters and promotes a Risk culture across the organization. One that takes an enterprise wide approach and considers the potential impact of all types of Risks on all processes, activities, stakeholders, products and services

Strategic Risk

Planning for Risk in the future.

Every year Management and their teams face the daunting challenge of formulating and implementing a good corporate strategy at a business unit level, we can assist you with these challenges.

Owner & Founder

Michelle Cay

The leader of the Academy of Risk hails from a 35-year background in Risk Management, coming from the banking and Insurance sectors. Michelle Cay has not only worked in these sectors, but these sectors have benefitted and changed because of Michelle’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of Risk within these environments.
MBA, CAIB(SA), Dip Credit, CFE, Certified Ethics Officer

Michelle Cay is a Certified PECB Trainer for the following courses:

ISO 31000 Risk Management
ISO 22301 Business Continuity
ISO 18788 Security Operations Management

Michelle Cay
Michelle Cay
Owner – Academy of Risk

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